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Akola is a city in Akola district in Vidarbha region in the state of Maharashtra in central India. It is about 600 km east of Mumbai (former "Bombay") and 250 km west of Nagpur. Akola is the administrative headquarters of Akola District located in Amravati Division.

Akola district has an area of about 5431 square kilometers and population of 1,818,617 (2011 census). Akola is the third largest city in Vidarbha region after Nagpur and Amravati. Marathi is the most popular spoken language, though Hindi, English and Urdu are also used. Akola District is bordered on the north and east by Amravati District, on the south by Washim District, and on the west by Buldhana District.

Akola called as Cotton City, is known for its cotton production and is the largest cotton-producing district in India. The city is also famous for its pulses (dal), oil, and textile mills.

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